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Weekdays at 12:00 pm EST

Taking it Back w/ Author Brenden Dilley

Taking it Back w/ Author Brenden Dilley

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Get Refreshingly Real Takes on the
Real Happenings in America

Tired of fake news and endless propaganda?

You've come to the right place!

...If you're not too thin-skinned, that is.

The Dilley Show is a raw, unfiltered & unapologetic political entertainment talk show aimed at supporting America while entertaining America.

Enjoy the top stories of the day with a wide variety of possibilities including (but not limited to): exclusive interviews, scoops, dank memes, razor sharp wit, brutal honesty, solid life coaching, spirituality, and side-splitting hilarious commentary. There is NO other show in "New Media"

like The Dilley Show!


Your support is the lifeblood of the show. Every dollar makes a difference so get off "Dilley Welfare" if you can! This keeps the show going & growing, getting bigger better longer and stronger (that's what she said). It supports everything from production upgrades & expansion, to the ongoing censorship war with Big Tech. It also gets you in touch directly with Dilley for exclusive blog posts and important updates.


Love the show and want to advertise your business? Brenden is the proud founder of MAGA Commerce, which introduces over half a million conscientious consumers monthly to patriotic brands they can feel good about supporting. MAGA Commerce has helped small business owners grow & thrive for several years, and promises to continue going strong. Booking fills fast - Get in touch for details today!


MAGA Commerce drives the show! Discover unique, high quality, all-American goods & services you'll absolutely love and probably wouldn't find anywhere else. Instead of funding everything you oppose with big box retail, why not make sure your money goes into small businesses owned by fellow patriots who share your ideals and values? Find your favorite sponsors and their exclusive Dilley Show special offers here.

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