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Kheyleve Naturals

Holistic Handmade Alaskan Skincare

All of our skincare is made without preservatives, natural and handcrafted in small batches. ​


We use only Organic grass-fed beef tallow along with organic plant oils to moisturize and feed your skin, keeping it healthy, elastic and toned. 


Tallow is high in Vitamins A, E, and K; which closely resembles collagen in the skin. ​

This stuff is GREAT for anti-aging, skin plumping, and is truly multitasking! Use it all over your body!

We frequently feature new or limited edition items, bundle deals, and seasonal specials so check back often!


15% off your order with promo code: DILLEY

My Chicago CBD

Premium Quality
CBD Oil Products

We're on a mission to help you (and your pets) regain quality of life with the many benefits of CBD.


Our claim to fame is the Relaxing Bee Honey. Founder Dave was a beekeeper for years, and when he combined his fresh local honey with top-quality CBD he made a perfect, versatile, and delicious way to get your daily dose.


Our famous honey also comes in non-CBD forms of pure, raw, amazing flavors.

We have lots of CBD tools to choose from like honey, drops, pet products, creams, gummies and patches.


We use a high-end Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the base in our oils & creams, far superior to the MCT oil most companies use, and it has a lot of additional health benefits.


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The Licorice Guy

Freshly Made
Gourmet Treats

We are a family-owned business specializing in gourmet licorice.  

We offer JUMBO licorice sticks in nostalgic dime store varieties that are fresh and bursting with flavor.

Our licorice is less sugar and more flavor, and so much more fresh than what you find in the store.


At a great price of just $5/bag, you deserve to Treat yourself and taste the difference.


You can Mix & Match your flavors on all bundle orders 

10% off with promo code: #DILLEY

Cooper & French

Authentic Artisan Shaving Products

This veteran-owned company has been a favorite of Brenden and the Dilley 300 ever since the start of MAGA Commerce for good reason.

Our handcrafted shave soaps are made to give you that classic, luxurious quality, barber shop feel. They smell AMAZING and provide a close & comfortable shave.

Made with high quality natural ingredients to create a superior lather, moisturize skin, and leave you feeling fresh.

We offer matching after-shave balms & bar soaps for a complete set.


50% off your first month with promo code: Dilley

Northington Fitness

Pocket Personal Trainer

If you’ve noticed how Brenden has been losing weight and getting into great shape, you can join him! You now have access to his personal fitness trainer!

Eric Northington is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience. Many of his clients compete (and win!) professional figure competitions. You may have even seen him on the hit show, Fat to Fit to Fat.

Eric is now offering his incredible services through his app that features all of the routines that Brenden and many of his other clients go through.

Program features:

-New workouts every month

-Make your own schedule

-Extensive exercise library for substitutions, and proper form clarification

-NO contract (cancel any time)

-For less than the cost of 1 personal training session, this is an unbeatable value. Try it today!

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MAGA Flag Hats

Premium Embroidered Apparel

Our founder Tom was unimpressed with the quality of patriotic apparel he was buying, so he decided to make his own with a focus on high quality and premium embroidery​.

We offer many different designs on a variety of gear, from hats to hoodies to ultra-soft shirts.

All manufacturing is done in the USA. Our embroidery is premium high-density stitching with heavy stitch count, done locally in Scottsdale AZ​


Shipping is charged on the first item only--additional items in the same order​ always ship free.

We offer the best patriotic gear. Period.

My Americana Marketplace

Home of The Red-Pilling Card Deck

10% off with promo code: Dilley

Spygate Playing Cards is a deck of 52 high quality coating poker size cards that make any card game more fun and interesting.

They were created by a retired Navy Intel Officer with 26 years of Military service.

What is Spygate? We are living through the BIGGEST ORRUPTION in the US history to bring down a US President. Top officials in the FBI abused their positions and power of the FISA court to illegally spy on individuals associated with President Trump. 

Use these cards to red pill your liberal friends and family, or to make game night more interesting.

MAGA Painter

Celebrating New Culture in Fine Art

Randy is your resident MAGA artist who has focused her passion on expressing and commemorating the most remarkable time in modern history. 

There’s no better gift than unique, patriotic art created and signed by the Overtime Girl!

Currently offering Prints, wall decor, journals and other fine gifts all Made in the USA

Some items are Limited Edition pieces that will never be in stock again once they are gone.

Custom work, framing, gift wrapping, and other options available.

Discounts always offered for Military, First Responders & Veterans


My President Store

Official Dilley Show Merchandise!

The one who made those amazing Trump Face earrings!


My President Store is the affectionate hobby of one very skilled printer and artisan who wanted to offer fun, unique swag for the new pop culture.

You'll find a whole depot of one-of-a-kind handcrafted items that are great quality and make great gifts.

Stud & Dangle earrings, coffee mugs, pins, refrigerator magnets, clocks, mouse pads night lights, cutting boards AND MORE...

Along with the MAGA & POTUS offerings, there's an entire DILLEY SHOW line so you can finally get your Dilley swag!


10% off with promo code: DILLEY

Again Boutique

Stylish Patriotic Apparel

Again Boutique features inspirational and patriotic themes on a wide range of items to fit any personal style.

The original AGAIN designs made to capture the spirit of the MAGA movement are still available, along with new Patriot and Faith designs.

And we now offer Fun and positive home decor items such as hand-poured candles and coasters, and a growing collection of original wall art.

Accent your home or office. Unique gifts for any occasion.

15% off with promo code: DILLEY

TParty 1773

Soft Apparel with a Strong Message

Just like our forefathers at the Boston Tea Party, it’s time for us to stand for liberty, justice, and freedom!


T Party 1773 is a collection of subtle and soft gear with a strong message of Patriotism and taking back our great country.

These simply designed statement t-shirts, jewelry, and lifestyle items to share the truth, start meaningful conversations, connect with fellow Patriots, and SAVE AMERICA! 


Simple designs and a super soft, flattering fit will make these your go-to shirt any day.


Made in the USA.


10% off with promo code: DILLEY

Magnesium Co.

Natural Therapeutic Minerals

We are a simple company with a simply amazing product.

Our beautiful salts & oils are made of magnesium from the Dead Sea, the only place in the world you can find these mineral crystals.

Over 800 functions in our body need magnesium. These topical products absorb right into your body to help with sleep, sore muscles, headaches, digestive issues, blood pressure, and relaxation.​

Just spray it on and rub it in, or enjoy soaking with it in the bath and enjoy the results.

10% off with promo code: DILLEYDILLEY

Double Smoke


Artisan Sauces

Double Smoke Barbecue is founded by David, a U.S. Veteran and Certified Executive Chef with over 16 years in the food & beverage industry. 


This is a small veteran-owned business out of the Las Vegas Valley specializing in Dry Rub and Artisan Barbecue Sauces, with the hopes of opening a restaurant in the future.

Their rubs and sauces are just the perfect, right combination and balance of spices & ingredients to create wonderful unique flavors.

They offer a variety from mild to spicy.

Free shipping on orders over $50

10% off with promo code: relaxyouranus



Soothing Personal Creams & Powders

We're human. We sweat, we chafe. Our bits get angry, sweaty, stinky, and sore. 


Zen Booty to the rescue with all natural creams and powders for your pits, tits and ass! Created by Tia, a patriotic wife & mom who believes in natural, no-nonsense solutions to everyday problems.

Made with top quality organic & therapeutic ingredients that work with your body's natural chemistry, these products smell amazing and really work. Never nasty ingredients like talc, preservatives, or chemicals.

Zen Booty soothes & deodorizes all kinds of chafing and butt-hurtness, from hemorrhoids to thigh friction, and can legitimately replace deodorant. It's safe and effective for baby bums too!

Try it today--your body will thank you.

15% off with promo code: DILLEY15

Enjoy the Show Popcorn

The Superior Popcorn Snack

This is a snack you’ll feel good about eating!

We offer popcorn with CLEAN, SIMPLE ingredients that you can say and probably spell; like organic seeds and virgin coconut oil.


Comes in 3 incredible fresh flavors that sound familiar, but taste far superior than what you’d expect: ORIGINAL, WHITE CHEDDAR and CARAMEL.


Enjoy the Show popcorn is non-GMO with No artificial colors, flavors or crap like that. 


Randy loves it (and pretty much ate all of it herself without sharing) and we all know she has good taste!

Enjoy 10% off with promo code: DILLEY10

Stronger Fitness

Holistic Health Supplements

Founded & operated by Laurie, a Holistic Health Practitioner and Personal Trainer​, we offer custom supplement blends to help round out your wellness plan. From pain & inflammation to gut health, to adrenal & hormonal issues, Laurie's got your back.

All blends are made fresh weekly! These blends are small batch, all organic & natural, and contain NO junk or fillers.

Custom blends are available upon request.

Check back every Tuesday, our fresh offerings are updated every week!

15% off with promo code: DILLEY300

Smooth Photo Scanning

Preserving Precious Memories

Smooth Photo Scanning is a family owned business offering a premium service to convert all of your priceless memories to high quality digital files. 


We specialize in digitizing all types of formats including photographs, slides, negatives, VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, 8mm film reels, documents and much more. 

Conveniently share these special memories with loved ones and

preserve them for generations to come.

The process is easy! Simply box up your memorabilia and ship it to our state-of-the-art facility. We ship back your originals along with a flash drive, DVDs or a secure link to download your files.

Don't wait until it's too late!

Free shipping for orders over $250


MAGA-Fi Portal

15% off with promo code: DILLEY15

Ultimate Wi-Fi Coverage

The MAGA-Fi Portal is NOT your average internet router!

This is an easy-to-use device that gets you Premium Wi-Fi at a great price (per square feet, it can’t be beat).

The powerful Portal features 9 antennas, which provide unsurpassed Meshed coverage of 6,000 Square Feet so you can get clear, fast, solid wi-fi all over your property in areas normally not considered such as pool, shed, attic, basement etc..

It's great for Streaming, Gaming and Zooming and Video Conferencing. You can use multiple devices without lag.

The Portal even comes with an easy-to-use app to make set up a breeze.

Maga-Fi portals typically are only available directly to internet providers, but now this game-changing wi-fi device is available to the Dilley 300!

10% off with promo code: Dilley

Columbia Bitters

Handcrafted CBD Beverage Drops

Liven up your cocktails with our CBD infused bitters. Find a flavor for all of your beverages and recipes. 


Columbia CBD bitters are handcrafted, produced in small batches, and layered with many high quality botanicals.


Our entire line of bitters is certified organic whenever possible and are then infused with organically grown hemp-derived CBD. No THC.


Our bitters add a mood enhancing effect to your favorite cocktail, reducing stress, anxiety and help prevent hangovers.


Release their flavors and aromas in your favorite cocktail, coffee, tea, or sparkling water.

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