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MAGA Commerce

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Find exclusive Dilley Show special offers right here. Discover unique, high quality, all-American goods & services you'll absolutely love.

When you shop here you support the show as well as businesses owned by fellow patriots who share your ideals.

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Disclaimer: This list of active sponsors is subject to ongoing change without notice. Sponsors are entirely independent of The Dilley Show. Clicking on the "Shop" links will direct you to third-party websites. 


10% off all non-sale items with promo code: DILLEYDILLEY

Kheyleve Naturals

Holistic Handmade Skincare

All of our skincare is made without preservatives, natural and handcrafted in small batches. ​


We use only Organic grass-fed beef tallow along with organic plant oils to moisturize and feed your skin, keeping it healthy, elastic and toned. 


Tallow is high in Vitamins A, E, and K; which closely resembles collagen in the skin. ​

This stuff is GREAT for anti-aging, skin plumping, and is truly multitasking! Use it all over your body!

We frequently feature new or limited edition items, bundle deals, and seasonal specials so check back often!


15% off any order with promo code: DILLEY15

The Licorice Guy

Freshly Made
Gourmet Treats

We are a family-owned business specializing in gourmet licorice.  

We offer JUMBO licorice sticks in nostalgic dime store varieties that are fresh and bursting with flavor.

Our licorice is less sugar and more flavor, and so much more fresh than what you find in the store.


At a great price of just $5/bag, you deserve to Treat yourself and taste the difference.


You can Mix & Match your flavors on all bundle orders 


10% off with promo code: Dilley10

Stronger Fitness

Custom Made Supplements

Laurie is a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer who believes in a holistic approach to wellness. 


She HAND blends all her supplements, no bullshit, junk or "fillers''


Her goal is to keep your supplements stupid simple.... Most are only 1 a day, addressing multiple health concerns in each blend actually saving you money unlike other brands. 

Join Laurie in giving big pharma the middle finger!

Beard Vet Coffee logo-vertical-color_edited.jpg

10% off with promo code: Dilley

Beard Vet

Fresh Roasted Coffee with a Cause

Always awake, never woke.


Start right ,stay right with Beard Vet Coffee! It's time to switch to Beard Vet, where you can enjoy damn good coffee without all the woke bullshit.


Based in Texas and founded by a USMC Veteran, our focus from day 1 has been supporting veterans charities AND to serve high quality, great tasting coffee.

We offer 11 distinct blends of ground or whole bean, ranging from dark to light roast and straight black to flavored, for all coffee palettes. Air roasted to perfection.

$12.99 for a 12oz bag is cheaper than any other quality coffee and is guaranteed to taste better. And that price INCLUDES gifting to veteran causes.

Belle Mr. Tom Logo 1000 x 500.png

15% off with promo code: Dilley15

Belle & Mr. Tom 

Odor Eliminating Candles

We are a mother & son owned company. Our passion for candles, animals and pet owners. inspired us to create a product that combined amazing fragrances and unmatched odor eliminating power.


Unlike most pet candles that rely on ineffective enzymes and heavy perfumes, our proprietary formula uses molecules that safely and effectively neutralize bad odors, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh!


THEY REALLY WORK! They neutralize all kinds of odors so they're great for pet free homes too. Our candles burn cleaner and longer, and our fragrances are natural & pleasant without overpowering.


10% off with promo code: Dilley10

Arcana Naturals

Handcrafted Home, Bath & Cosmetics

We are a family-owned small business. 


We’ve been handcrafting and wholesaling our own unique formulations for nearly 20 years using only the finest natural ingredients. 

We make something for everyone! Shop our different collections: Bath & Body, Home Fragrance, Cosmetics, Men, and Pets!

Our products never contain concerning ingredients like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, talc, GMOs. We believe in transparency and provide the full ingredient list on all of our product listings. Most of our products are Vegan and many are Gluten Free.


25% off with promo code: Dilley

Patriot Cigar Company

Premium Smoke for Freedom Loving Patriots

We are owned and operated by proud MAGA extremists!

We offer Premium handmade cigars, using the best aged tobacco Nicaragua has to offer. Whether you like a mild or a full bodied smoke, we have something for every smoker.

Our cigars have been enjoyed by some prominent patriots, including Dilley.

Patriot Cigar Company supports America First causes, veterans and first responders by donating funds, cigars and sponsoring events.

-4918073850315516686_121 (1).jpg

$50 off Registration with promo code: Dilley

Gideon Learning Center

Math & Reading Academy

Our Academy provides one on one lessons with a qualified instructor, tailored to each student’s needs.

The extensive curriculum ranges from Pre K-12th grades and focuses on mastering skills, not just how to pass a test. It fills in academic gaps, creates a solid foundation, and promotes confidence.


We offer virtual or onsite learning options with flexxible scheduling. The virtual program is personal instruction with a teacher rather than just digital content.

We're a favorite curriculum with homeschool parents!

Discounts for siblings & multiple subjects available. Schedule your FREE Evaluation Today!


10% off with promo code: Dilley

Angel Paste

Miracle Cream

Angelpaste is an all-natural, organic, American made miracle cream. It's homemade in Spring, Texas by our own patriot Barbara. 


Our very unique formula is made using a proprietary, water-free blend of food-grade plant oils.


Angelpaste is very light & absorbs fast, leaving skin soft & smooth with NO sticky or greasy residue.

Dilley has tried everything on his quest to resolve facial eczema. A few things worked to a degree, but Angelpaste was the one and only miracle that keeps him camera-ready!

Try it yourself today.


15% off with promo code: Dilley


Micronized Health Formulas

At Venjenz we do NOT accept toxins and immune diseases as the new normal. We reject industries that are designed to keep you in the sick/patient cycle.

We offer you and your animals the most effective and groundbreaking performance products for immunity, detox, and health.

We use a technology previously only available in the pharmaceutical industry which enables us to give you the world's cleanest, whole-food sourced formulas.



10% off with promo code: Dilley

Sea of Mud

Rural American Apparel

We are your one stop shop for American Culture.

Firefighter owned and operated. Our apparel is American made with locally sourced manufacturing that works as hard as you do.


Our threads are bound to make a statement that is as BOLD as the American Spirit.

Some of our threads aren't for the faint of heart. We make sure of it. From the ashes of the Alamo to the victory that is now Texas- Sea Of Mud is America's Rural Country personified. 


25% off with promo code: MAGA25

Prepper Beef

Freeze Dried Premium Meats

We are a proud Veteran-owned MAGA company offering premium long-term storage steak.

Our premiere quality meat is 100% natural and organic. It comes exclusively from healthy cattle raised in Texas. No fillers, no mRNA vaccines, no lab grown nonsense! 


Unlike other survival companies who only make crumbly beef chunks, we offer real NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Sirloin cuts.

Our meat has a shelf life of up to 25 years, and rehydrates & cooks up with incredible flavor and texture! You can use it in countless delicious recipes.

Great for camping, traveling, prepping and more!


10% off with promo code: Dilley

Cooper & French

Classic Artisan Shaving Products

This veteran-owned company has been a favorite of Brenden and the Dilley 300 ever since the start of MAGA Commerce for good reason.


Our handcrafted shave soaps are made to give you that classic, luxurious quality, barber shop feel. They smell AMAZING and provide a close & comfortable shave.


Made with high quality natural ingredients to create a superior lather, moisturize skin, and leave you feeling fresh. We offer matching after-shave balms & bar soaps for a complete set.


My President Store

Pro-Trump Gear and Dilley Stickers!

My President Store is BACK in time for rally season, with a fresh new website and the same great items you love–PLUS some new designs too!

My President Store is the affectionate hobby of Rob, a skilled printer and artisan who makes the Dilley stickers.


Here you'll find one-of-a-kind handcrafted items that are great quality and make great gifts.


Along with Dilley Show swag, there’s MAGA & Trump offerings too!

Screenshot_20211214-083647_Print Spooler.jpg

5% off with promo code: Dilley55


Genius Upright Hygiene System

Washing feet is generally difficult, ineffective, and for many people it's unsafe. We are changing that with our innovative invention VertaClean, a never-before-seen upright cleaning system!

Think of it as a toothbrush for your feet. VertaClean is specially designed to easily clean all the hard to reach nooks and crannies. VertaClean makes hygiene simple, safe and easy.

The specially designed scrubbers are long lasting and easy to replace. Try it today!


Lisa Kitter

Coaching with Mama Dilley!

Brenden learned from the very best, and you can too!

Whether you're starting a business, looking for love, Seeking relationship help, wanting to get healthy, or feeling stuck in a rut, Lisa can help you navigate the life changes you need to make.

Lisa has been coaching people, every week, for 23 years! She will assist you with creating a plan, governing obstacles, and achieving those big goals!


For a limited time, Lisa is offering her 4 Week Health & Fitness Support Program.


Take advantage of Lisa’s “Dilley Show Special” and contact her today!


MAGA Painter

Our Culture  in Fine Art

Randy is your resident MAGA artist who has focused her passion on expressing and commemorating the most remarkable time in modern history. 

There’s no better gift than unique, patriotic art created and signed by the Overtime Girl!

Currently offering Prints, wall decor, journals and other fine gifts all Made in the USA

Discounts always offered for Military, First Responders & Veterans

Check back soon for more sponsor updates!

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