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Kheyleve Naturals

Holistic Handmade Skincare

All of our skincare is made without preservatives, natural and handcrafted in small batches. ​


We use only Organic grass-fed beef tallow along with organic plant oils to moisturize and feed your skin, keeping it healthy, elastic and toned. 


Tallow is high in Vitamins A, E, and K; which closely resembles collagen in the skin. ​

This stuff is GREAT for anti-aging, skin plumping, and is truly multitasking! Use it all over your body!

We frequently feature new or limited edition items, bundle deals, and seasonal specials so check back often!


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My Chicago CBD

CBD Products

We're on a mission to help you (and your pets) regain quality of life with the many benefits of CBD.


Our claim to fame is the Relaxing Bee Honey. Founder Dave was a beekeeper for years, and when he combined his fresh local honey with top-quality CBD he made a perfect, versatile, and delicious way to get your daily dose.


Our famous honey also comes in non-CBD forms of pure, raw, amazing flavors.

We have lots of CBD tools to choose from like honey, drops, pet products, creams, gummies and patches.


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The Licorice Guy

Freshly Made
Gourmet Treats

We are a family-owned business specializing in gourmet licorice.  

We offer JUMBO licorice sticks in nostalgic dime store varieties that are fresh and bursting with flavor.

Our licorice is less sugar and more flavor, and so much more fresh than what you find in the store.


At a great price of just $5/bag, you deserve to Treat yourself and taste the difference.


You can Mix & Match your flavors on all bundle orders 


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Americana Marketplace

Home of The Red-Pilling Card Deck

Spygate Playing Cards is a deck of 52 high quality coating poker size cards that make any card game more fun.

They were created by a retired Navy Intel Officer with 26 years of Military service.

Use these cards to red pill your liberal friends and family, or to make game night more interesting.

Spygate Playing Cards has expanded to a whole new store! Here you’ll find your favorite red-pilling cards along with more cool Patriotic items like barn stars, flags & home decor.


50% off your first month with promo code: FIT

Northington Fitness

Pocket Trainer

You now have access to Dilley's personal fitness trainer!

Eric Northington is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience. Many of his clients compete (and win!) professional figure competitions. You may have even seen him on the hit show, Fat to Fit to Fat.

Eric is now offering his incredible services through his app that features all of the routines that Brenden and many of his other clients go through.

-New workouts every month

-Make your own schedule

-Extensive exercise library for substitutions, and proper form clarification

-NO contract (cancel any time)


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Data Graphics

Professional Custom Printing

Founded by Rob of My President Store!


Did you know: 90% of customers judge a small business by the quality of their printed materials and 85% choose the company they want to use based on those materials?


Our family business has been creating top-quality print products for happy customers for years. You name it we print it!


If you’re a business owner, or you’re ready to stop being a wage earner and start being your own boss, it’s time to contact Rob at Data Graphics and check out our New Business Packages!


My President Store

Dilley Show Merchandise!

The one who made those amazing Trump Face earrings!


My President Store is the affectionate hobby of one very skilled printer and artisan who wanted to offer fun, unique swag for the new pop culture.

You'll find a whole depot of one-of-a-kind handcrafted items that are great quality and make great gifts.

Stud & Dangle earrings, coffee mugs, pins, refrigerator magnets, clocks, mouse pads night lights, cutting boards AND MORE...

Along with the MAGA & POTUS offerings, there's an entire DILLEY SHOW line so you can finally get your Dilley swag!

WalkAround Ranch.jpg

10% off with promo code: Dilley10

WalkAround Ranch

Goat Milk Bath & Body Products

We proudly offer expertly handcrafted skincare products, made from scratch in small batches with our fresh goats milk


All the milk in our products comes from our happy, healthy goats who are part of the family! Happy goats make happy milk! 


Our goats milk makes for a superior skincare product. Goat milk lotions and soaps can deliver smoother, brighter, softer, and more hydrated skin. 


We offer very rich and thick lotions & creams, a little goes a long way and it isn’t greasy! Our luxurious soaps leave you feeling clean, oh so soft, and hydrated.

With 14 fragrances to choose from  it's a must try, your skin will thank you!


15% off with promo code: MAGA15

My Coffee Mama

Fresh Coffee Beans and Latte Mixes

Our coffee is unmatched in quality and flavor. It is Fair Trade, Organic, and women-produced. Freshly roasted on-demand in our very own roastery.

We proudly and painstakingly offer single-source beans & grounds. When you drink our coffee, you are getting to travel the world via your tastebuds. Each coffee has its own unique flavor profiles depending on the region it is from.

We also offer insanely tasty powdered mixes so you can make your own hot, frozen, or iced lattes for a coffee shop quality drink at a fraction of the price, no machinery or hassle needed!

Belle Mr. Tom Logo 1000 x 500.png

15% off with promo code: Dilley15

Belle & Mr. Tom Pet Candles

Odor Eliminating Candles

We are a mother & son owned company. Our passion for candles, animals and pet owners. inspired us to create a product that combined amazing fragrances, furry mascots, and unmatched odor eliminating power.


Unlike most pet candles that rely on ineffective enzymes and heavy perfumes, our proprietary formula uses molecules that safely and effectively neutralize bad odors, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh!


THEY REALLY WORK! They neutralize all kinds of odors so they're great for pet free homes too. Our candles burn cleaner and longer, and our fragrances are natural & pleasant without overpowering.


10% off with promo code: Dilley10

Stronger Fitness

Custom Made Supplements

Laurie is a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer who believes in a holistic approach to wellness. 


She HAND blends all her supplements, no bullshit, junk or "fillers''


Her goal is to keep your supplements stupid simple.... Most are only 1 a day, addressing multiple health concerns in each blend actually saving you money unlike other brands. 

Join Laurie in giving big pharma the middle finger!


10% off with promo code: Dilley10

KB Perks

Handmade Custom Drinkware

KB Perks Custom offers unique, hand-customized stainless steel travel mugs that keep hot drinks for 6 hrs and cold drinks for up to 24 hrs.


We also make custom mugs, keychains and more! 

If you dream it we can make it. We can even customize glass drinkware.

Free shipping!

new logo.PNG

10% off with promo code: Dilley

Magnesium Co.

Mineral Salts & Oils

We are a simple company with a simply amazing product!

Our beautiful crystals & oils are made of magnesium from the Dead Sea, the only place in the world you can find these mineral crystals. 

You can rub our magnesium oil right into your skin, or add our magnesium crystals to your bath. It absorbs right into the bloodstream to help with sleep, sore muscles, headaches, digestive issues, blood pressure, relaxation, and immune support.


10% off with promo code: Dilley10

Arcana Naturals

Handcrafted Home, Bath & Cosmetics

We are a family-owned small business. 


We’ve been handcrafting and wholesaling our own unique formulations for nearly 20 years using only the finest natural ingredients. 

We make something for everyone! Shop our different collections: Bath & Body, Home Fragrance, Cosmetics, Men, and Pets!

Our products never contain concerning ingredients like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, talc, GMOs. We believe in transparency and provide the full ingredient list on all of our product listings. Most of our products are Vegan and many are Gluten Free.


Lidia's Bags

Handmade Upcycled Bags & Totes

Our mission is to make the conservative lifestyle great again. We wants to bring back a USA-made, less wasteful way of living, and keep plastic waste from piling up in oceans and landfills.

Our upcycled bags are made of high quality, re-purposed materials. They are stylish, cruelty-free, and handmade in the USA..

Each bag is a unique creation made from the finest cotton upcycled high end designer jeans. We offer many styles from mom bags to laptop totes.

Our bags are customizable! You can even feature a photo of your pet on the front.

Check them out today!


My Policy Shop

Insurance for Everyone

Frank is a licensed insurance agent who is on a MISSION to make insurance great again! Frank helps people with individual health insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Life insurance, and Retirement needs nationwide.

Frank can help anyone in just about any situation. He does NOT charge ANY fees for his services.

Whether bundling, switching, reviewing, supplementing, retiring, or more, Frank can help you save money and find the best fit for your life.

Open Enrollment for Medicare and Health Insurance is coming up soon and Frank is booking appointments now. Fill out the contact form on our website!


10% off with promo code: Dilley

DesertCat Shop

Fine Hats & Custom Mats

AgainHat Boutique is back, and has expanded into DesertCat Shop! 

Specializing in custom made premium-quality hats with a variety of fresh patriotic styles to choose from to fit your personal look. Designed with everyday wear in mind.

We also specialize in pet mats! These stylish and sturdy pet placemats keep your cats and dogs food and water bowls nice and tidy while matching the decor in your space. You can personalize with your pets names. These make a perfect gift for any pet lover.


MAGA Painter

Our Culture  in Fine Art

Randy is your resident MAGA artist who has focused her passion on expressing and commemorating the most remarkable time in modern history. 

There’s no better gift than unique, patriotic art created and signed by the Overtime Girl!

Currently offering Prints, wall decor, journals and other fine gifts all Made in the USA

Discounts always offered for Military, First Responders & Veterans

Check Back Soon for more sponsor updates!