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About Brenden Dilley


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Bold, Outspoken, Authentic and Unfiltered


Brenden is an Author, Speaker, Fitness Trainer, Life Coach, and daily host of The Dilley Show.

After years of overcoming struggle & hardship to find success as an entrepreneur, Brenden wrote his unconventional self-help book, Still Breathin’: The Wisdom and Teachings of a Perfectly Flawed Man. The self-published book struck a chord with readers and quickly became a bestseller on Amazon. Following the success of his book - and a large social media presence full of controversy, entertainment, politics and real life advice - fans and readers began reaching out to Brenden for direct help. This led to Brenden’s work as a Life Coach. Brenden’s unique coaching style spans a broad range of topics including relationships, fitness, addiction, mental wellness, career success, trauma, and more. He has coached clients from all walks of life, including a long list of CEO’s and Celebrities, and his clients credit him with dramatic life improvements. 

When Brenden published his book in 2013, he predicted humanity was on the brink of a historical turning point he refers to as “The Great Awakening.” Several years later, Brenden saw the tipping point for this awakening in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Brenden has since been a staunch supporter and boldly outspoken advocate of President Trump and the MAGA Movement.

Brenden’s understanding of human psychology and social consciousness gives him an exceptional perspective on this movement, and his coaching/oratory skills help him break it down into easily digestible information for his audience. Brenden’s audience enjoys an interactive, unpredictable and often irreverent entertainment experience mixed with analysis of current events, self development, and relentlessly unapologetic truth.

Brenden’s involvement in the MAGA movement even gave rise to his run for the U.S. House of Representatives. He saw a dire need for positive change in government and aimed to rally more support for President Trump and “Draining the Swamp”. In Brenden’s true fashion, he made waves with his unprecedented and bold style of transparency and confrontation. 

Brenden’s polarizing activism is answered by both supporters and opposition, and he has documented the wild ride in his own journalistic style. Among many highlights, his audience has watched: Cancel culture rage mobs sent by radical left groups; the FBI come to his home to investigate his pro-America and pro-Second Amendment statements; a parking lot confrontation with a corrupt political candidate; live coverage of shocking and historical moments such as election night & the Capitol storming; and exclusive interviews with compelling personalities like Mike Lindell, Roseanne Barr, and Michael Flynn Jr.


With Brenden you never know what will come next, but you know it’s always going to be genuine, relevant and thoroughly entertaining.

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