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Trump releases plans to add “Meme Room” to White House after re-election

BY LEAH M.  ON 8/26/23 AT 8:02 AM EST

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the White House. Recent reports reveal a proposal that would overhaul the White House floor plan to accommodate an unprecedented addition: the "Meme Room." This unique space is intended to house a team of adept online creators, tasked with crafting memes aimed at countering what Trump perceives as a "Uniparty narrative" and diligently fact-checking his adversaries.

At the core of this avant-garde concept lies a cluster of state-of-the-art desks, each outfitted with the most advanced computer systems and software available. These workstations will serve as the nerve center for the content creators, providing them with the necessary tools to engineer impactful memes resonating with digital audiences, and facilitating their mission to engage online in a compelling manner.


ormer President Donald Trump's penchant for innovative strategies is once again in the spotlight with his latest ambitious endeavor – a plan to reshape the very layout of

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A pivotal component of the Meme Room design is a multi-TV screen arrangement continuously broadcasting news feeds and social media updates. This configuration will enable the team to remain abreast of the latest developments, ensuring their memes are timely and pertinent. By staying attuned to news cycles and social media conversations, the creators can promptly address emerging narratives and fact-check inaccuracies in real time, leveraging the power of instant communication.

However, concerns loom over the potential for misinformation and polarizing content that could arise from such rapid meme production. The expeditious creation and dissemination of memes might prioritize visual appeal over nuanced discussions, possibly oversimplifying intricate issues and contributing to the polarization of public discourse.

"The Meme Room showcases Trump's keen awareness of evolving communication methods. It's a novel approach to engaging with the digital generation," notes an anonymous communications strategist poised to join the White House team.


The projected cost of this audacious endeavor is estimated to exceed $500,000. Construction is slated to commence only after Donald Trump is officially declared the victor of the 2024 election, with the Meme Room expected to be fully operational by February 2025.


As Trump embarks on this ambitious undertaking, its broader implications for political discourse and the evolving role of digital media in shaping public opinion remain uncertain. Whether the Meme Room emerges as a potent weapon for countering opposition narratives and scrutinizing critics, or introduces complexity to an already intricate information landscape, its creation underscores the dynamic synergy of technology, communication, and politics in the modern era.

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